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Sunday, 21 December 2014 10:15


Gelmart union members renewed their picket in front of the gates of the company in protest of recent reversal of court orders allowing the 'new buyer' (with supposed links to the owners) to bring out the goods, machineries, etc. from the factory. Around 150 hired dismantlers have been escorted by the military, led by a certain Captain Dingalo, to start the dismantling work. PLM calls on all to support the Gelmart workers by visiting the factory gates where the workers are encamped to prevent total removal of assets and buildings. If this happens, the workers, who have been waiting for years to get their due compensation, will receive nothing.



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PLM Statement on Release of the Cuban Five PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 18 December 2014 07:19

Viva Cuba!


The release of the remaining three Cuban Five patriots and reports that the United States government is taking initiatives to “normalize” relations between Cuba and the US is a victory for the Cuban people and the solidarity movement.


The US government has now been forced to acknowledge that “the policy of the past has not worked”. This is effectively an admission that the Cuban revolution has survived and endured despite concerted US government attempts to destroy it from the very beginning.


There are many hurdles that still continue to face the Cuban people and the US goal of wanting to destroy the socialist revolution and its gains still remains, although different policies might be pursued to achieve this goal. We will continue to campaign to demand an end to the criminal US blockade against Cuba and its people. We pledge to continue our solidarity with the Cuban revolution. Viva Cuba!

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Monday, 01 December 2014 19:53
A very successful Asian Socialism Conference was held in the Philippines, Nov. 28-29, followed by a rally on Nov. 30.  Around 350 delegates participated in the Conference, well exceeding our target of 250 leaders who had registered prior to the conference.  A contingent of around 3000 rallied and marched on Nov. 30 to mark Bonficacio National Hero's Day.
A strong feature of the conference was the participation of women leaders of the Philippine Socialist Feminist movement. The Conference brought together the socialist feminists, revolutionary LGBT activists, with a strong contingent of socialist workers, intellectuals from the University of the Philippines, urban poor leaders, out-of-school youth, and students from high schools and universities.
Many thanks to all our international guests whose presence and presentations made the Conference such a tremendous success: Comrades Woody Aroun, NUMSA, South Africa, who showed that class struggle unionism was alive and well; Comrades Pradeep Gyawali CPN-UML and Manarishi Dhital UCPN-Maoist from the Nepali left who demonstrated that parties can get together and discuss their differences in the most comradely fashion; Comrades Nasir Hashim and Letchumanan from PSM Malaysia; Comrades Vivin Sri Wahyuni and Wahida Baharuddin Upa from PRD Indonesia; and Comrade Alex Bainbridge from Socialist Alliance Australia.
Day two of the Conference was opened with solidarity greetings from Comrade Yelitza Ventura, the Charge' d'affaires of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.



In solidarity,

Reihana Mohideen
PLM International Desk
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Monday, 01 December 2014 18:44


The following resolutions were unanimously passed by the Conference:


  1. 1. On Thailand: Solidarity with our Comrades in their Democratic Struggle

We support the call for:

  • The abolition of the Lese majeste Law;
  • Release of all political prisoners;
  • The abolition of the military junta;
  • The holding of elections, now!

We pledge to hold regional and local campaigns to show our support through mass mobilizations, activists exchange programs, and to continue to organize left parties in the region to discuss and plan further actions to counter the devastating effects of neoliberalism.


  1. 2. On Militarism, Women, Violence and War

Whereas, socialists should play and active role in the campaign to scrap the Visiting Forces Agreement and the Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement, as well as claim justice for the family of Jennifer Laude and the Filipino people;

It is moved that,

This Conference will take part in the campaign and will conduct massive education among themselves on the intersection of patriarchy, militarism and neoliberalism, which perpetrates violence against women, including transgender women, such as the commodification and murder of Jennifer Laude.



  1. 3. On Regional Campaigns Against Neoliberalism

The divide and rule strategies of neoliberalism aims to destroy the mass movements: labor, anti-imperialist, women, students and others. Therefore, we must plan for united regional campaigns and actions against neoliberalism, such as against labor contractualization and militarism. We should find ways to maximize out unity in action against neoliberalism in the region.


  1. 4. On South Africa

This Conference stands in solidarity with the National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa in their campaign to defend the working class movement against the attacks of the neoliberal policies of the government. The Conference also supports the initiatives being undertaken to renew the socialist movement in South Africa to advance the struggle for socialism.


  1. 5. On Germany

This Conference warmly receives the solidarity greetings sent by Die Linke. We send our heartfelt congratulations to Die Linke in its recent electoral victory in winning the Federal State Prime Minister position in Thuringia for the first time.


November 29, 2014.


Bonifacio Day rally Nov 30, 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Sunday, 30 November 2014 16:08

Bonifacio Day 2014




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For decades, generations of politicians from the same clan and some new ones have been deceiving the masses. Every election for them has been an opportunity to make more promises. And after every election, all these remain just that – promises.



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