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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Tuesday, 18 July 2017 12:24



Solidarity greetings to the National Conference Against Dictatorship (NCAD)

The Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) extends its strongest solidarity to this historic and courageous event – the National Conference Against Dictatorship -- that comes on the heels of a Supreme Court decision affirming, and thereby supporting, the drift towards a fascistic dictatorship of the Duterte regime. 

We are honored to be conveners of and to participate and speak at the Conference.

We especially acknowledge the new generation of young leaders who are responsible for taking the initiative to organize the Conference. We are now assured that the resistance will continue to grow and recruit more forces. We salute you all and are with you in this resolute campaign to thwart the dictatorial moves of the Duterte regime. 

We agree with your assessment of the current political situation and the need for this Conference. The Duterte regime represents elite rule, albeit a certain faction of the elite, outside of the traditional national oligarchy. The only promises Duterte has fulfilled are the brutal drug war and the widely opposed hero’s burial of the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

The atmosphere of impunity and even terror, bolstered by Duterte’s anti-people drug war, continues to grip our communities devastating the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable sections, while the drug lords inside and outside government and the security forces are untouched. The declaration of martial law in Mindanao is a continuation of the regime’s authoritarian and war policies – a form of ‘state terrorism’. Meanwhile, workers, landless farmers, the urban poor, women, the LGBT community, the youth, and even the middle classes still suffer as the Duterte government fails or refuses to end contractualization, carry out comprehensive land reform, pursue progressive taxation, and put in place efficient public services.

And yet the organized resistance to Duterte’s authoritarianism remains weak and disunited. The liberal opposition or the ‘yellow’ forces, are unpopular and marginalized. Their politics of elite democracy and neoliberal economic onslaught on working people and the poor are responsible for paving the way for the rise of ‘Dutertismo’. They are responsible for the mess that the country is in and the situation that we face today.

The Philippine left can potentially put forward an alternative to get us out of this quagmire. However, it’s also compromised and has the dead hand of history weighing it down. We have serious limitations that we need to overcome to unlock the blockage and move forward. We need to be able to overcome our fragmentation, unite around the key issues of the day – resistance to the regime and defence of our democratic rights – and mobilize a broad and strong opposition to Duterte’s bloody, anti-people policies. This necessitates renewing the left -- breaking from the baggage and sectarianism of the past and being bold enough to learn from new ideas and ways of working.

Only then can we strengthen our ranks and build a mass-based political alternative to the old elite yellow forces. Only then can we bring about the system change that is needed to finally end dictatorship and elite rule in the country. 

This conference, which has a big responsibility on its shoulders, will help us all in this endeavour.

Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM)

July 18, 2017



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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Tuesday, 18 July 2017 11:02




20-21 July 2017

Since he assumed office, President Rodrigo Duterte has still failed to fulfill his promise to “provide for those who have little”: Workers still continue to receive low wages and experience job insecurity because he has failed to fulfill his vow to end contractualization. Small farmers and peasants still suffer from landlessness and rural distress because he has refused to carry out land reform and prevent land grabs. Even middle-class professionals suffer from the high cost of living, inadequate and poor public services, and worsening pollution because he has refused to strengthen the regulation of the market and to pursue progressive taxation. Women and LGBTs, in particular, continue to suffer more as a result of his failure to significantly reduce poverty and improve people’s well-being.

Unable or unwilling to carry out the social reforms needed to keep the support of those who placed their hopes in him, Duterte has instead been laying the ground for a more repressive regime--for the restoration of dictatorship in the country.

After burying Ferdinand Marcos’ remains at the national heroes’ cemetery and helping Bongbong Marcos in his bid to become vice president, Duterte has now placed the entire Mindanao--and threatened to place the entire country--under martial law. Today, we may now be just one “security crisis” away from outright military rule.

If that happens, ordinary people like us--those who have never fully enjoyed “democracy” despite the end of the Marcos dictatorship--will be the first to suffer. Not only will our already limited freedoms be further restricted, our ability to defend our rights and to fight for more substantive social transformations will also be further curtailed. We may find it harder to march on the streets, to carry out strikes--or even just to hold meetings or talk to each other. We may be further vilified as “enemies” of the people. And worse, we might even be arrested, imprisoned, tortured, or “disappeared.”

And yet, opposition to dictatorship remains weak. Both of the dominant opposition forces in the country, the liberals and the national democrats, have so far refused or failed to provide the leadership needed to rally our people against the threat of our dictatorship.

Faced with the threat of dictatorship and with the inability or 
refusal of the more powerful opposition forces to lead the opposition, we ordinary people--those of us who have suffered from neoliberalism and the elite democracy that paved the way for Duterte--need to come together. We urgently need to create an open, safe, mutually supportive, space to discuss how we can work together to prevent--or if need be, to resist--dictatorship. We need to build the broadest unity against despotism, and we need to establish more effective ways of organizing ourselves.

This is why we are calling for a National Conference against Dictatorship this July 20-21, at a venue to be announced later, to gather all those groups and individuals who oppose both dictatorship and the elite democracy that gave birth to it.
We are committed to helping build a broad but principled united front not just to block authoritarian rule, but also to fight for meaningful social transformation. We cannot “defend” an inauthentic--and therefore failed--democracy; we need to construct a real democracy on its ruins.

CONVENORS as of 5 July 2017:
Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP)
Coalition against Darkness and Dictatorship (CADD)
Democratic Alliance Movement of the Philippines - International (DAMPI)
Focus on the Global South
KAISA (Nagkakaisang Iskolar para sa Pamantasan at Sambayanan)
Ladies who Launch
Makata para sa Karapatang Pantao (MakaTAO)
Mindanao People’s Peace Movement (MPPM)
Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM)
Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan (SPARK)
Solidarity of Unions in the Philippines for Empowerment and Reforms (SUPER)
Stop the War Coalition
Union of Students for the Advancement of Democracy (USAD)

* Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to be involved.

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Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Friday, 14 July 2017 10:27


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Pahayag ng PLM sa Desisyon ng Korte Suprema PDF Print E-mail
Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Thursday, 06 July 2017 12:32

Pahayag ng PLM sa Desisyon ng Korte Suprema

INAYUNAN ng Korte Suprema ang deklarasyon ng martial law sa buong Mindanao.Sa bilang na 11-3-1, ibinasura ang mga petisyon ng iba’t ibang organisasyon laban sa Proclamation 216 na nagdeklara ng martial law sa Mindanao noon pang Mayo 23.


Labing-isa ang pabor sa martial law, tatlo ang pumosisyon na dapat hanggang Marawi lamang ito, at iisa ang ganap na tumutol sa martial law. Ito ay ang matapang at progresibong Associate Supreme Court Justice na si Marvic Leonen.


Sa pag-ayon sa martial law, humanay na ang Korte Suprema sa mga institusyong nangangayupapa sa paanan ng Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte. Ang buong Kongreso– ang Kamara at Senado – ay napatunayang tau-tauhan lamang ni Duterte. Hindi ito nagpatawag ng anumang pagdinig sa deklarasyon ng martial law kahit na ipinag-uutos ito ng Konstitusyon bente kuwatro oras pagkadeklara ng martial law.


Hudyat ito na wala nang institusyon ng estado na hahadlang sa anumang naisin ni Duterte.Dahil dito, nagpahayag na ang mga alagad ni Duterte na hihingin nila ang pagpapalawig ng martial law sa Mindanao lampas sa dapat na pagtatapos nito sa Hulyo 23


Martial law sa buong bansa

Nasa high ground na ngayon si Pangulong Duterte para ipatupad ang matagal nang banta na ideklara ang martial law hindi lang sa Mindanao kundi sa buong bansa. Sino ang pipigil dito kung ang buong lehislatura at hudikatura ay nagkakaisa nang suportahan ang anumang marahas na hakbangin ni Duterte?


Sa gitna ng war on drugs na umubos ng kulang-kulang 7,000 biktima mula Hulyo 2016 – nanatiling tahimik ang Korte Suprema sa kabila ng isinampang mga kaso ng mga kamag-anak ng biktima, kabilang ang ilang bata, na pinaslang sa mga operasyon ng mga pulis at vigilantes sa mahihirap na komunidad.

Sa ginawang desisyon, walang balak ang Korte Suprema na ihinto ang mga paglabag sa karapatang tao na tinukoy ng Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Lanao del Sur gaya ng walang-katwirang reyd at panghahalughog sa maraming kabahayan sa Marawi, ang pagdakip at pag-detain ng maraming sibilyan, at iba’t iba pa. Wala rin itong balak na ipatigil ang halos dalawang beses sa araw-araw na pambobomba ng militar sa Marawi. Ang Marawi ay isang syudad ngayon na winasak at pinadapa ng tuluy-tuloy na pambobomba ng mga helikopter ng AFP.

Klima ng takot

Ang desisyon ng Korte Suprema ay hindi nagmumula sa obhetibong pagtataya at pag-aaral ng kalagayan sa Marawi at Mindanao. Nagmumula ito sa takot na ipinalaganap ng rehimeng Duterte sa Mindanao at sa buong kapuluan. Ang takot na ganap na lusubin at pairalin ng Maute at iba pang teroristang grupo sa Mindanao ang kapangyarihang ISIS. Kahit na ang AFP mismoay nagsasabi na ang Maute ay isang maliit na teroristang grupo lamang sa Lanao del Sur.

Kagaya rin ito ng takot na ipinalaganap ni Duterte sa war on drugs – ang takot na patayin at gahasain ng mga durugista ang mga anak at kaanak ng mga OFWs at mga residente sa Pilipinas.


Ang terorismo sa Mindanao ay hindi masusupil sa pamamagitan ng paglulunsad ng isa na namang gyera na papatay at pupuksa sa kabuhayan ng libu-libong Bangsamoro. Lalo lamang itong magpapaypay sa kaguluhan doon at magbibigay ng pagkakataon sa mga dayuhang terorista gaya ng ISIS na pumasok at magkuta sa Mindanao.

Oportunidad rin sa US military at intelligence forces na lalong makialam sa gyera sa Mindanao para isulong ang matagal na nilang adyenda na pagharian ang kapuluan sa ilalim ng war on terror na inilulunsad nila sa iba-ibang bayan. Kahit ang mga pahayag ni Duterte na puputulin na ang kapit ng US sa Pilipinas at ipatutupad ang independyenteng patakarang panlabas ay hindi maisasakatuparan hanggang ang balangkas ng rehimeng Duterte ay pagpapatuloy ng gyera doon.

Nananawagan kami sa mamamayan, laluna sa Kamaynilaan at sa labas ng Marawi at Mindanao, na huwag pagamit sa pananakot at sa tangkang pagpapalawak pa ng gyera sa buong kapuluan. Pairalin ang mga mapayapang paraan ng paglutas ng pag-aalsa sa Mindanao at iba pang panig ng Pilipinas.

Suportahan ang peace negotiations sa Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) at iba pang rebeldeng grupo sa Mindanao para makamit ang kapayapaang nakabatay sa pagkakaloob ng karapatan sa sariling-pagpapasya o pamamahala ng Bangsamoro. Ang kapayapaang ito at ang pagpapaunlad ng buong Mindanao ang tanging makalulutas sa gyerang hindi matapos-tapos doon.

Wakasan ang gyera sa Mindanao!

Itigil ang pambobomba sa Marawi!

Negosasyong politikal, hindi gyera!

PLM (Partido Lakas ng Masa)

4 July 2017


*Join us tomorrow 10 am at a march/rally against the Supreme Court decision. The rally will start at Peace Bell, Quezon Memorial Circle, and ends at QC City Hall.


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Philippine-Venezuela Solidarity (Phil-Ven-Sol) Statement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Partido Lakas ng Masa   
Friday, 14 July 2017 11:14

Philippine-Venezuela Solidarity (Phil-Ven-Sol) Statement

July 5, Independence Day of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

We condemn the right-wing campaign of violence and terror which has accelerated in the lead up to the July 30 Constituent Assembly elections as an attempt to overthrow the government of President Nicholas Maduro and reverse the gains of the Bolivarian revolution launched by Hugo Chavez, the former President and socialist leader of the revolution. On this day of Bolivarian independence, we stand in solidarity with the Venezuelan people as they struggle to defend the gains of the Bolivarian revolution. In doing so, we condemn the intervention of the United States which has financed and promoted the right-wing opposition to oust the Maduro government.

The campaign of terror unleashed by the right-wing are typically fascist-style tactics aimed at maximizing the harm to the public and public property, combined with the targeted killings of supporters of the revolution – worker and peasant leaders, students and soldiers. According to Telesur at least 94 people have been killed since the new wave of opposition-led street violence began in early April. In addition to those killed, over 1200 have been injured. A majority of the victims have been people who were not participating in any protest. The violence has also been aimed against public infrastructure in general: schools, hospitals, popular markets, food shortage deposits, electricity infrastructure, public transport, and government institutions.

Economic sabotage has been a weapon of the counter-revolution in Venezuela, used against the government of President Hugo Chavez during the oil-lockout of 2002-2003, to this day. The economic impact of the decline in global oil prices, has been intensified through a brutal campaign of deliberate and protracted economic sabotage that has included induced shortages and spiraling inflation, as a consequence of the manipulation of the illegal exchange rate. Workers have taken strike action against companies such as General Motors, for deliberately slowing down production, to sabotage the economy. The government also points out that the price of Venezuela’s debt has been increased by international finance institutions, despite the country fulfilling all its financial commitments.

The strategy is the use of street violence to sow political instability and economic sabotage to demoralize and demobilize the base of support for the revolution and the overall population. Internationally, the corporate media runs a campaign to paint Venezuela as a ‘failed state’ and the government as a ‘dictatorship’ against the people.

The opposition, however, would be insignificant without active and committed support from the U.S. government. According to a 2007 U.S. strategic document leaked by former CIA-whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013, Venezuela was seen as the main adversary of the United States in the Western Hemisphere. Since at least 2009 the U.S. Department of State has budgeted at least US$49 million in total to support right-wing opposition forces in Venezuela. U.S. government funds have now become a mainstay of the U.S. State Department congressional budget for foreign operations. In May the Trump administration slapped sanctions against Venezuela’s Supreme Court judges, freezing any money they have in U.S. banks, making it illegal for U.S. citizens to conduct any transactions with them and prohibiting them from getting visas to travel to the United States. The U.S. government is predictably silent on the widespread violence of the right-wing opposition groups that they fund.

The Maduro government is attempting to find political means to resolve the crisis through the establishment of a Constituent Assembly which has been designed to strengthen the voices at the grassroots and the population as a whole.

Stop the rightwing violence!

End U.S. intervention!

Defend the Bolivarian revolution!



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